About Maati

“It takes a village to raise a child”
~African proverb

A child’s development is not a result of only what he learns in the classroom but in the school, from his teachers, peers, from his parents and people of the community. It takes contribution of the whole community for a child to learn, experience and grow. At Maati, we believe coming together makes moving forward on the chosen path easier and the power of collaboration is beyond everything. And that’s what Maati stand for, binding people together for them to flourish and grow together thus transfiguring the society.  

The essence of Maati lies in community building as  we seek to create a community where experiences are shared, ideas are emerged, individuals are empowered, partnerships are formed, challenges are tackled and solutions are found.

Maati aims to re-define education and thereby facilitating the reformation of schools and the education system at large. Our idea is to create a platform for the stakeholders to come together in order to initiate a conversation around school transformation. The idea to sow the seeds of transformation to bring about systemic change in school education, from where also the name of our intervention evolved.

The SEED Project (School Evaluation, Empowerment and Development Project), involves engaging with educational functionaries, School Leaders and Teacher representatives in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh to strengthen the school systems. We are focusing on helping the stakeholders build capacity and develop strategies for improving student learning outcomes and overall school.

“For things to grow, many elements need to be in order. The environment represents the circumstance. The weather represents timing. The soil represents a foundation. The seed represents an inspiration for things to begin. The sun is a representation of energy needed.” Similarly, for our SEED to grow, besides the right quality of soil providing a strong foundation, we are making sure that it also has access to right amount to time, knowledge and resources with an environment conducive to growth.